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Heidi Langbein-Allen is a first-time author. Her upcoming debut book, Save the Last Bullet, will be published in October, 2022, by Pen & Sword Military, an imprint of Pen & Sword Books Ltd. Excerpts of her book aired in 2021 in the top-rated World War Two podcast,, and a chapter of her manuscript was included in the San Diego Writer's Association 2021 anthology A Year in Ink.

Heidi is half-German, half-Spanish. She was raised in Germany, France and Spain. She lives in California with her husband, a retired U.S. Navy veteran. They have two children. She is currently working on her second book, a historical account of her Spanish family.

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"After spending many years trying to convince my father to document his experiences as a German child soldier in World War II, he finally recorded his memoirs on sixteen cassette tapes after he retired.

I felt compelled to write and publish my late father’s story because of its relevance to current events. The 
book is written from the sixteen tapes narrated by my father in German, and from conversations I had with him over the span of several years."


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And the story behind her first book

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